Saturday, January 21, 2012

TESOL meeting January 19th 2012

Chelsea introduced what TESOL is and what TESOL society’s goals are. We went over some of the bigger events from past semesters of TESOL, mainly the ITESOL conference and our mini conference. Meg talked about public relations and asked how people found out about TESOL, answers included Chelsea talking to TESOL 200 classes, Meg talking to Ed 200 class, and student update.

Sister Cheeny talked to us about the Pathway Program on campus and we should be receiving an email with more information about that soon.

We ended the meeting by electing and reelecting offices for TESOL society.

Chelsea was nominated by MIchelle. She was voted in.

Heidi nominated herself as 1st vice president and was voted in.

Andrea Pierce nominated herself to be our Under Graduate Researcher and was voted in.

Garrett Bedford and Meg Rumbaugh were reelected as secretary and public relations officer, respectively.

Someone brought up volunteering in the high school with Eric, who is teaching an ELL class there, we hope to get more information on that soon.

Thanks for coming to the meeting! If you weren't there we missed you and we'd love to see you next time!

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