Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How it all started

BYU Idaho is pleased to announce that the campus now has its own TESOL Society. Now that the University has reached over 14,000 students, the graduates of our University are affecting the world in a global way (1). Jake Broadhead proposed the idea for this society and along with the help of his colleague and friend, Gabriel Vasquez, and Professor Michael Paul, the Academic Advisors of this Institution accepted their proposal with excitement and confidence. They understand the critical need for Teachers to Speakers of other Languages and that BYU Idaho is now prepared to reach out to ELL students and prepare BYUI students to graduate with the qualities to help the world globally.

After hearing about the new association that these men put together, at it's first meeting, the society had around 30 interested in joining. Now that it has begun to get underway, there are now 10 officers who have begun to put in the work and heart to bring this society to it's potential.

We have great expectations for this society and have confidence that it will enhance the University, students, and the community.

We will be organizing ways to help ELL students and will announce upcoming plans that our society has.

This society has just begun, but with the way it has started and the goals we have set, it won't be long until this society is known worldwide—for it’s dedication, efficiency, and devotion to communication.

1. LDS Church News February 18, 2011, Winter enrollment shows BYU-Idaho continues to expand.

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