Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brother Ivers Speaks to TESOL on March 1st 2012

Last Thursday TESOL Society had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Brother Ivers! Brother Ivers is the Dean of the Language and Letters department here at BYU-I. Brother Ivers actually brought us the TESOL program and so he has a unique perspective on what we are doing and how beneficial it is for us.

Brother Ivers taught us the origin of the English Language. He talked about English being a German Spanish mix. We also talked about how many English words there are and how many we actually use. He said that someone with a bachelors degree knows 15,000-20,000 words and in a normal week will use about 2000 of those words. Did you know that a southern accent is the closest American dialect to original English?

Brother Ivers told us more than once on Thursday how lucky we are to be part of this program and how great it will be for us when we are looking for jobs. He reminded us how much we will be able to bless the children we teach because we know what TESOL has taught us.

Go to to watch a video clip of brother Ivers and see some fun photos from the event.

See you at our next meeting!